Implementing Convertim into Your E-commerce Site

Imagine how your e-commerce store could become even more efficient and profitable. Convertim is an incredibly intuitive order processing system that is compatible with nearly any e-commerce platform. This innovative tool reduces the time needed to complete a purchase, increases conversion rates, and boosts the average order value.

Implementation and configuratiom

Preparation of the test implementation and configuration

A/B test

A/B testing of the original and new order processing systems


Evaluation of the results


Live operation and subsequent development

How Convertim Works

Convertim operates by triggering the purchase process when the shopper clicks on the "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout" button on the shopping cart page. The order is processed within the merchant's e-commerce domain but through Convertim's interface (in an iframe). After the order is submitted, Convertim securely stores a copy in its own database and simultaneously sends it to the merchant's e-commerce platform via an API. Convertim handles background payment processing or redirects to the payment gateway.

Shopping Cart Information and Additional Parameters

As the shopper transitions from the shopping cart to the checkout, Convertim retrieves information about the cart contents, prices, availability at physical stores, available shipping methods and payment options, shipping and payment costs, as well as any applied discount coupons, through the e-commerce platform's API.

Shipping Options and Payment Gateways

Convertim integrates with various shipping companies and payment gateways, relieving e-commerce stores from the burden of managing these integrations themselves. Depending on the merchant's configuration, Convertim can offer a selection of pickup locations from different companies on a single map or provide the option for personal pickup at the merchant's available stores.

Assistance for Completing the Purchase

Both in testing and live operations, Convertim includes features and integrations that simplify the purchase process. These features include passwordless user verification using SMS PIN for prefilling all choices and addresses, map overlays for selecting pickup points, geolocation for finding the nearest location, and automatic address completion.

Step-by-Step Implementation

The implementation of Convertim is carried out by the Convertim team or e-commerce developers, depending on the e-commerce platform's technology (documentation available at Ready-made packages (modules) are available for e-commerce platforms like Shopsys, Prestashop, and Sylius, significantly expediting the implementation process. Other platforms can implement Convertim using the provided API interface.

Through configuration, Convertim can adapt colors, fonts, styles, consent checkboxes, and post-order offer menus to match the merchant's branding.

Happy merchants:

Convertim Testing

Before deploying the new order process for live usage by customers, thorough testing is conducted on a development copy or clone of the e-commerce store. If the store generates a sufficient volume of orders (thousands of orders per month or more), Convertim can be initially launched in an A/B test against the original order process. The A/B testing functionality is an integral part of Convertim.

Over a period of several weeks to one month, half of the shoppers are directed to the original order process while the other half experiences Convertim. This enables precise measurement of Convertim's impact on conversion rates, average order submission time, average order value, and revenue impact on the e-commerce store through Google Analytics and Convertim's own analytics.

For stores with lower order volumes, the benefits of Convertim are evaluated through a Before-and-After Analysis, comparing key performance indicators during periods with similar conditions (such as the same season and no or similar campaigns).

Live Operation

After evaluating the benefits, the merchant can decide whether to fully deploy Convertim. In such a case, a contract is concluded between the merchant and Convertim. Launching into live operation requires no further technical steps. If an A/B test was conducted, it is turned off, and 100% of customers are directed to the new order processing system.

Operation and Development

Convertim ensures the availability and functionality of order processing within the framework of the contract. It continuously monitors the availability of all services (status updates are available at and logs any errors. One of notable advantages of Convertim is that all new features, integrations, and fixes are automatically accessible to all merchants (the changelog of updates is publicly accessible).

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