EMOS Case Study

We approached the checkout replacement of EMOS’ online stores with a great deal of caution and moderate expectations. EMOS had no technological debt with regards to the ordering process. A few months earlier they had launched a new customised developed B2B and B2C e-commerce platform. So was there any room for improvement? Or did things already work well? It turns out that it did and does, and you can read about it in this case study.

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Emos spol. s r. o. is an international distributor of small electrical goods under its own brand EMOS. This Czech company was founded in 1991 and has undergone dynamic development since then. It currently employs 450 employees. With its sister branches in Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary, it supplies its products through a network of distributors to 26 European countries. It is the exclusive supplier of GP Batteries and GP Powerbank products in several European countries, including the Czech Republic. Today it has more than 2,600 items in its product portfolio. At the end of February 2022 the company was acquired by Legrand France.


Pilot implementation
This was the first implementation of Convertim within the online store. While we made every effort to ensure that everything worked as it should, we couldn't predict every outcome. The challenge was to be prepared for any scenario.
Maintaining a smooth shopping experience
Replacing the checkout within a working online store can cause confusion amongst regular customers and therefore lead to a greater number of cart abandonments. We knew that, when implementing this project, we had to maintain the smooth shopping experience for EMOS users.
Multiple locations & languages
EMOS operates in several markets within the CEE region. Each of them uses not only a different language, but also country-specific methods of transport and payment for the order. Adapting the product to such changing conditions was demanding.
Data analysis
Measuring the effect of the implementation of our product was one of the most difficult elements. We quickly understood that the pre / post-implementation comparisons were confusing in an e-commerce environment. That is why we have implemented a proprietary real-time A / B testing method.

Resulting Data

We tested the results of the new checkout using the A / B methodology - this meant that 50% of users opened the old checkout and the other 50% checkout with the Convertim implemented checkout. The study covered the period from April 1 to April 25, 2022.

In the Czech localisation (which generates the highest revenues), the increase in conversion compared to the old solution was +5.3% for all devices. In the second largest domain, the increase in conversion was +4.9% for all devices, and as much as +8.3% in the group of mobile devices.

As for the checkout time, for EMOS.cz, it decreased by 44.9%, and for the EMOS.sk domain it lowered by 28.7%. What's more, the average order value increased by 9.6%.

A clearer and more user-friendly purchase in Convertim meant for EMOS not only more completed orders than the original solution, but also an increase in repeat customers. Even other metrics, such as the speed of the order process or the average number of repeat orders per customer, show that people within Convertim simply shop more conveniently.
Jan Havelka
EMOS, B2C e-commerce director
I am grateful to EMOS for trusting us and allowing them to pilot our product. We have learned a lot, especially in the field of methodology, and of measuring e-commerce performance. I see many spaces where we can improve and I’m sure that the next Convertim updates will make the results for EMOS and future implementations even better.
Petr Svoboda
Convertim, Founder

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