Discover Convertim's most important features all working together to increase conversion and brand engagement:

Passwordless Login

Thanks to identity verification via text message, customers don't have to remember logins and passwords.

One-Click Checkout

Returning customers and those directed from the Convertim network can place orders with one simple click.

Multi-Country Support

The order form automatically adjusts its language and currency settings to match the shopper’s location wherever they are in the world.

Address Autocomplete

When the shopper fills in the address form field, Convertim automatically suggests address details after the first few characters are entered.

Advanced Pick-Up Point Selection

Shoppers are always shown a map of their nearest pick-up points based on their current geolocation.

After-Checkout Gifting

A digital gift scratch card is often displayed after the customer has completed a purchase.

After-Checkout Sign-Ups

After the customer has made a purchase, they can be invited to receive newsletters via email or sign up to a shopping club.

Customisable Design

The graphic layout of the checkout can be customised so that it reflects the visual identification of the merchant's brand.

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