Sexy Elephant increases sales +7.8 % with Convertim Checkout

This case study focuses on the implementation of the Convertim application to optimize the ordering process in the e-shops and, aiming to improve user friendliness and efficiency of the purchasing process.

+7.8 %
Increase in average purchase per user
+6 %
Increase in conversion rate
27 %
of customers use one-click checkout
95,4 %
Conversion rate of one-click checkout


Ruzovyslon (on other markets known as SexyElephant) is an online retailer specializing in erotic accessories and toys. They offer a curated selection of high-quality products, including vibrators, lingerie, and lubricants, aimed at enhancing sexual well-being. The platform is committed to customer satisfaction, providing discreet, informative, and user-friendly service to help customers make informed choices.


Simplifying Ordering
Focus on making checkout faster and simpler to enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases, especially on mobile devices.
Boosting Conversion Rate
Aim to increase sales efficiency by streamlining the purchase process and addressing common barriers to completing orders.
Raising Average Order Value
Implement fast one-click checkout ordering and notification on uncompleted order to increase revenue per transaction.
Mobile Optimization
Enhance the mobile shopping experience with user-friendly features to reduce abandonment rates and attract mobile-first customers.

Resulting Data

After implementing the Convertim application, the following results were recorded:

  • Increase in average purchase per user by 7.8% on and 8.6% on, suggesting customers converts their abandoned orders.
  • A 6% increase in conversion rate on both platforms indicates successful enhancement of the purchasing process efficiency.
  • Improvement in the average order value by 2% on and 1% on, representing an increase in purchase value.
  • A 27% of customers using one-click checkout highlights the convenience and efficiency of the new ordering process. Conversion rate of one-click checkout is 95,4 %.

This case study demonstrates how innovative technological solutions can significantly improve the shopping experience and business outcomes for an e-commerce platform.

In our wonderful world of sex toys, a well-tuned and converting website is essential. Convertim helps us a lot with this and we have the time to change the way people look at sex.
Adam Durčák

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