Agátin svět Case Study

Agátin svět was our next implementation of the Convertim platform. After the successful implementation at EMOS, we were full of hope to maintain the positive results. So what challenges awaited us this time and was it possible to achieve an increase in conversion for this client? Find the answers below.

+11.97 %
conversion increase
conversion increase for mobile
-30.57 %
checkout time
average order value


Agátin svět sells creative, didactic toys and school supplies. It started in 2007 as a Czech online store, and today Agátin svět has seven brick-and-mortar stores. In recent years, Agátin svět launched online stores for the Slovakian, German, Austrian, Slovanian and Italian markets. The concept of Agátin svět is unique in that the founders carefully select the assortment of products from proven manufacturers who adhere to the same principles of quality. All products in their stores come from proven brands from all over the world, such as: Janod, Djeco, Lilliputiens, Brio, Haba, SmartMax and many others.


Omnichannel sales
Agátin svět sells through both their online store and brick-and-mortar stores. This means that during the ordering process, their shoppers can choose to collect their order in person from one of the brick-and-mortar stores. We adjusted the map function so that Agátin svět’s customers can conveniently switch between the map with pick-up points and the map with brick-and-mortar stores.
Donation for charity
Agátin svět willingly joins various charity activities. During the ordering process, they provide their shoppers with an option to donate money to a chosen charity. As a result, we took this function into account when implementing Convertim in their online store.
Mobile channel
Nowadays, mobile channel generates the most visits in B2C ecommerce. Unfortunately, until the implementation of Convertim in Agátin svět, the conversion from this channel was very low; in fact below the average for this industry. We wanted to prove that Convertim could significantly improve this result.
Gaining client’s trust
This is one of the first implementations of Convertim, which is why we value the openness of our clients to implement innovations despite the existing risks. In this case, the implementation of Convertim in other markets depended on a positive result on the Slovak market. We are happy that we have met Agátin svět’s expectations and that we have expanded our client’s markets further.

Resulting Data

First A/B test (Slovak domain)

We conducted an A/B test on the Slovak website, comparing the new Convertim checkout with the old one. From June 19th to July 19th, 2022, we split users evenly, with 50% using the old checkout and 50% using Convertim. The results were impressive: conversion increased by 10.42% across all devices, and mobile conversion skyrocketed by 42.63%. Checkout time decreased by 30.57%, and average order value increased by 3.4%.

Second A/B test (Czech domain)

Following the successful implementation of Convertim on the Slovak website, we implemented it on the primary Czech domain, which generates the majority of orders. The A/B test ran from December 27th, 2022, to January 26th, 2023. According to Google Analytics 4, checkout conversion increased by 11.97%, and overall website conversion improved by 16.58%. These results demonstrate the immediate effectiveness of Convertim in enhancing the customer experience and driving higher sales.

I see Convertim as an opportunity to easily update a key part of the purchase flow to meet current users requirements without having to modify the structure of the webshop. Most of our visits, transactions and sales are from mobile phones and Convertim is designed for mobile shopping. We are very satisfied with the results of the implementation. The difference of 42% in the quantity of completed transactions on mobile devices compared to the existing website shows how much user requirements have changed over the last few years and how important it is to respect and adapt to them.
Kristýna Křížová
Agátin svět, Owner
The key to success in running this project was great communication between three parties: the customer, the provider of the e-commerce platform, i.e. the company Shopsys, and us. Data shows that Agátin svět shoppers clearly find Convertim more user friendly than the original checkout process. It also shows us that our mobile-first approach is the correct one.
Martin Randula
Convertim, Project Manager

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